Why should you use ExpressText?

It's easy to use!

ExpressText has a very simple and easy to
use application that anyone can learn in

It's affordable

We have the lowest message prices you can
find and no setup fees. This opens doors for
users with smaller budgets.

You can stop at anytime

There are no contracts, or agreements.

SaaS (Service After A Sale)

We are a SaaS company that believes in not
only great software, but even greater

Help, Every Step You Take

Our application has a help video on every
page. We have a detailed support center and
like to help with not only your account, but
giving you ideas on text message campaigns.

It Just Works

Plain and simple. Text message marketing
can greatly improve just about every
business in existence.

See How It Works !


ExpressText is used by companies both BIG and SMALL

what some of our clients say about ExpressText...

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